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Our Mission

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We try with simple means the material to consume the other as high value. In this way we help to conserve the ever scarcer resources.

rainforest seal pDespite, or perhaps because of the industry in which we operate, we have made great efforts to protect the environment. In addition to what we are trying to achieve in our core occupation, we want to invest part of our proceeds directly into the conservation of ecological land.

The plan is to buy a share of the rainforest per € 50,000 revenue and thus contribute to its salvation. So if you like our approach, you are very welcome to participate, directly or indirectly.

Our currently small team is very happy to help.

2020 - New offensive in favor of the environment:

In order to take the next step to protect our environment, we have decided to reprocess tools that have been half or fully used and thus to save the resource and energy-intensive recycling process.

Said Recycling processes are not cost-intensive but also have a massive impcat on our environment.

We recently invested in a special group of machines that allows us to give such tools an additional productive cycle before they are then recycled.

This saves the laborious recycling process at least once. If this process is cost-covering, we will continue to invest in additional capacity, not to maximize profits, but to generate additional benefits for our environment while covering costs.

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